I believe God, Angels, and our Guides are with us all the time. All too often, we miss their signs and their messages because we are too caught up in our lives or we dismiss what is given to us as coincidence. My gifts have allowed me to be able to give many of my clients the peace and information they need.

If you are looking for answers or guidance or a deeper sense of peace, I would love to tune in and allow the divine guidance to come through.

I am available for phone readings either one-on-one or group and I am also hosting several public reading events during the year. Check the events calendar for the public events. Go to my booking page to schedule a phone reading with me.

Everything I do, I do with love.

"Working with Vanessa has changed my life. The things she has shared with me have been life changing. Without her, I think I would still be lost in the fog of grief and confusion."
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  • If you would like more information or have some questions, please reach out to me. I usually respond to all emails within 3 business days. Thank you!
"The first time Vanessa did a reading for me I cried. The things she told me were things nobody else could know and when she was done, I felt such a deep peace and relief in my soul."
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